Make the best of your
                        Bertram 28 !

This little monster can get you there and brings you back every time.

Especially when traveling in the Bahamas, a Bertram 28 has a shallow draft and enough space to include enough of the creature comforts of home.
      Dante in the Berry Islands
It is a great boat to explore those little and hard to get to islands, all the while fishing and enjoying a great ride.    
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Bertram 28

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Project Dreamcatcher
a Bertram 28, work in Progress.

JB's Bertram 28

Sibling Rivalry 
            by Matt Gurnsey

Bertram 28

The Bertram 28 actually outsold its better-known 31-foot ‘big brother’  

In the early 1960s, Ray Hunt designed the first true deep-V hull for offshore racing, and the legendary Bertram 31 was born. So important was this development that in the 1970s, Chris-Craft, a company that had always designed its hulls in house, hired Hunt to design two sportfisher models.
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